Love Letters

The world is a funny place, we may feel at times that we have mastery over it but ultimately we are at its mercy. A short time is what we get to learn, express and expend our efforts towards our hopes. But we do have influence, strength as it were to see and decipher the world while we revel in this immeasurably unique experience. And this is what I love; our musings, our curiosity and the experiences that makes us grow.

Love Letters is for the city that I love and for the people whose art and lives grows here. If you will pardon my sentimentality I would like to present two shelves worth of appreciation for some of the small parts that make up this excellent place.

And special thanks to  Kelly Bjork and Joe Rudko for inviting me to play on their two shelves..

LL Living room full

Detail: hot glue transfer, magnets, plaster, wood, steal and ink.

Little Blue Landscape, 4 x 6, plaster and ink

Full view of the shelves.. hot glue transfer, magnets, plaster, wood, steal ink and found things.

Detail: plaster, acrylic transfer, ink, brush and wood.